4 Crazy Arizona Sports Betting Promos For Week 1 – bleachernation.com

Arizona online sports betting is here. NFL Week 1 kicked off as the Bucs and Cowboys ushered in a new group of bettors as Arizona went live with sports betting. The even better news is that there are several new promos to take advantage of the rest of Week 1 in the NFL.

Here are the 4 best promos for Arizona sportsbooks for the first week of the NFL season. Simply click any of the links in this post to sign up and bet in Arizona.

FanDuel Sportsbook New Promo For NFL Weekend

FanDuel Sportsbook Arizona has done rather well with its past promos like the $1,000 Risk-Free Bet. Now, there is the 40 to 1 odds promo. For every bet, FanDuel will pay out $200 for a $5 wager that wins. These apply to moneyline bets only.

Any bet has to involve an actual monetary wager and not from free credits. Also, every wager over $5 will be subject to market odds after the initial $5 part of the wager. It is quite a boost.

With the college football schedule in full swing and baseball still going strong, options to use to those winnings are immense.

DraftKings Sportsbook Arizona Bet $1, Win $200

The DraftKings Sportsbook brand is one of the biggest players in sports. With quite a reputation in the daily fantasy industry, DraftKings has extended its sportsbook arm and its influence into Arizona.

DraftKings has employed some unique promotions including the no-brainer 73-point spread between the Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers among others recently.

Now, for this NFL weekend, they have a way for new bettors to get involved. That’s right. New users can bet $1 or more and get $200 in bonuses. One just has to deposit $5+. Wagers have to be placed before game action between now and Monday night and can be any football game — college or NFL.

Bonuses are issued in the form of eight – $25 free bets and those bets must be made within a week. Those bets cannot involve other offers but can be on any sport.

BetMGM Bet $10, Win $200 If Your Team Scores a Touchdown

Those looking to hop into sports betting have a great opportunity this weekend as BetMGM is offering new users the ability to bet $10, win $200 if their team scores a touchdown.

Caesars Sportsbook Aims Even Higher With This Promo

With sports betting underway in Arizona, Caesars Sportsbook boosted their risk-free bet to $5,000! That is no misprint. Again, this is for new users only. If you lose, site credit (not real money) will be issued again up to that $5,000 limit.

This entices new bettors as it broadens the initial bet to choice and not just the NFL or NFL and college football, etc. It is flexible as the lower limit is just $10. New users from low-stake to high-stake players have to be intrigued.