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The Arizona State Legislature has passed hundreds of laws in a marathon session. Here is a list of the big ones.

ARIZONA, USA — The Arizona State Legislature has just ended a marathon session, passing hundreds of new laws that will shape our schools, businesses and possibly your personal life.

Here are four laws that could impact you:

Sports Betting

This new law will award licenses to the state’s professional sports teams and tribal casinos, allowing them to have betting kiosks on site. 

It’s expected to bring in more than $30 million dollars in state revenue each year for the general fund and will go into effect by the start of the NFL season, according to Alexis Glascock, an attorney who oversees government relations for Fennemore Craig law firm in Phoenix. Glascock represented clients who supported these bills.

“The real exciting thing is that now people can bet on college sports teams all the way to the professionals,“ Glascock said.

The legislation also allows for gambling expansions at the state’s tribal casinos.

COVID Liability Protections

If you run a business, nonprofit or church, you will be protected from most types of lawsuits from people who might want to blame you for getting COVID. The new law raises the burden of proof needed for anyone bringing a claim against an entity.

“The standard is now they must prove by clear and convincing evidence that there was intentional misconduct or gross negligence. Gross negligence is very difficult to prove,” Glascock said.

On the flip side, if you feel a business is to blame for getting the virus, the law will be much more difficult to bring a lawsuit.

Off-Site Alcohol Sales

This law allows restaurants and food venues to sell liquor off-site through home delivery.

The law went through a test run during the pandemic when the state allowed these kinds of sales to take place. The law goes into effect on Sept. 30.

“It increased restaurant sales tremendously by being able to sell alcohol to people who were purchasing food from them,” Glascock said. “Whether it’s a mixed drink or a bottle of wine they know the restaurant carries and they know it’s hard to get.”

Health Club Memberships

Over the years, many Arizonans have complained that they felt trapped by health club memberships. This new law is meant to make it easier to cancel a contract and creates unified standards among health clubs around the state.

“In many instances, they [health clubs] didn’t have clear termination policies in place,” Glascock said.

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