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Phoenix-Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is packed with more travelers this summer, with more than 4.8 million passengers boarding there in the last four months alone, according to a report published on the airport’s website. doing.

Due to the small number of travelers in the middle of the pandemic, it was quick and easy to go through the security and pre-boarding process. But today, according to Transportation Security Administration spokesman Patricia Mancha, the process is a bit more difficult.

“When someone traveled during the pandemic, they didn’t see the line. It was a quick process. It’s no longer the case,” Mancha said.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit American travelers hard In 2020 And Early 2021. In addition to travel blockades and people’s health concerns, government-issued bans on travel to countries such as Iran, China, the United Kingdom, Brazil, South Africa and, more recently, India.

According to Sky Harbor officials, the total number of travelers in 2020 was about 21 million, while the number of travelers passing through the airport exceeded 40 million. Every other year In 10 years.

For many who travel to Sky Harbor, this is the first time they have gone through a security process since the pandemic began. Many travelers forget what security and pre-boarding rules consist of, such as carry-on baggage bans, Mancha said.

Exhibition prohibited items@PHXSkyHarbor..These items are representative of the items found by @TSA Officer in one day. Please double check your bag as TSA staff will do so.

— TSA_SouthWest (@Tsa_SouthWest) June 3, 2021

“People often use excuses when finding banned items:” I didn’t know they were in the bag, “” my spouse’s bag, “and” I didn’t know this. ” The item was there, “Mancha said.

Mancha said all items found to be usable as makeshift weapons, including children’s toy weapons, could be confiscated.

“Some of the things that actually look like light gun replicas and toy guns are all banned just because they look like guns,” Mancha said. “There are a variety of items, such as flashlight-like stun guns, pepper sprays, and switchblades that you often see these days. All of these can be placed in your checked baggage, not in your carry-on baggage.”

According to Mancha, travelers have the option of “voluntarily abandoning” banned items. What travelers voluntarily throw away is often displayed in Terminal 4.

Banned items are not the only rules travelers should keep in mind when entering Sky Harbor.

in spite of Not the whole state Maskman date in Arizona, Federal government Masks for “airplanes, buses, trains and other modes of transportation” and “airports and stations”. At Sky Harbor, travelers should always wear a face cover.

Heather Shelblack, spokeswoman for Sky Harbor, said the federal mission, enforced by President Joe Biden in January, will apply to the airport.

“Federal obligations require masks to cover both the mouth and nose of passengers, visitors, and employees at airport terminals, commercial flights, airport buses, PHX skytrains, and rental car centers,” said Shell Black. Stated.

The TSA has put together a list of items permitted and prohibited for both carry-on and checked baggage on its website.

“Arrive early, plan, and understand exactly what you’re wearing or have when you pass a security checkpoint to avoid secondary inspections,” Mancha said. .. “If you travel with your family or multiple people, make sure everyone does the same thing.”

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