Amazon Prime Day 2021: How to avoid getting scammed (LIVE)

We show you how to find the good and bad products among the hundreds of thousands of products on Amazon. And you’ll find out how to spot fake reviews. You’ll even get a behind the scenes look on how we test every product we recommend.
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Content Marketing: 9 Steps to Successfully Market Your Business With Content

Content marketing is absolutely vital, but if you don’t have a system for creating it, you’re wasting your time. So, here’s something that may help—nine steps on how to create content for your business.

5 Factors Which Will Impact Real Estate In The Shorter – Term!

Although, historically, owning real estate, has been, one of the greatest ways, to counter, the effects of inflation, etc, it is important to realize, recognize, and understand, in the shorter – term, there are rarely, any guarantees! There are, up, and down, periods, in these markets, and, while, some years, we witness, significant asset growth, etc, there have, and will, most – likely, be times, when, values decrease, at least, temporarily. Presently, we are experiencing, a real estate market, which is considered, a Sellers Market, with house prices, rising, significantly, and, witnessing, more buyers, than, available houses, available, and the…

6 Assets True Leaders Must Possess!

After, over four decades of involvement, in nearly, every aspect, related to leading, as well as personally, serving, as a leader, I strongly, believe, one of the most challenging aspects, of effectively, locating the best people, for positions, is, being able to identify, and qualify, prospects, and find, the right individuals, for specific positions! Unfortunately, far – too few, organizations, seem, ready, willing, and/ or, able, to rely – upon, commit – to, and consistently use, a professionally organized, leadership training program, specifically, customized, and created, for their organization. Although, there are many essential, valuable, meaningful assets, leaders need, and…

5 Challenges To The American Political System’s Survival!

For, almost 250 years, the United States of America, and most Americans, have been proud of our government, political elections and systems, and our representing democracy, and democratic principles, and freedoms, throughout the world! However, many of us (including, me), are concerned, this may be threatened, and the survival of our system of government, and its Constitutional guarantees, freedoms, and rights, are, potentially, at – risk! We must consider, whether the events, of the last few years, will be the new – normal, or, merely, an aberration!

7 Tips to Choose the Right Website Design Company

If you already have a business or you want to start a new one, we suggest that you have your own business website. After all, you want everyone to know that you have a business. When it comes to making a website, the importance of a good web design cannot be denied.