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Arizona Cardinals promote 6 within scouting department – Arizona Sports

The Arizona Cardinals promoted six within their scouting department on Thursday.

Glen Fox, Josh Scobey, John Mancini, Zac Canty, Ryan Gold and Alex Valles all saw their titles change.

Fox moves to director of pro personnel after serving as pro scout for the past eight years. Fox originally got his start with the Cardinals in 2013 as a scouting assistant being promoted to pro scout.

The director played college ball at South Dakota State before spending a preseason with the Green Bay Packers in 2010. He also played for the Arizona Rattlers and Orlando Predators of the Arena League, the Omaha Nighthawks and Sacramento Mountain Lions of the United Football League and the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League.

Scobey has been promoted to director of college scouting after working as the team’s Western regional scout since 2019. Before that, Scobey served as an area scout from 2014-18, was a pro scout in 2013 and a scouting assistant in 2012.

Scobey was originally drafted by the Cardinals in 2002 and played six NFL seasons, two of which were with Arizona.

Mancini moves up to national scout after spending last year as the team’s Midwestern regional scout. He served as an area scout for the Cardinals from 2013-20 after working with the then-St. Louis Rams for 18 years, 16 of which were in the team’s personnel department.

Canty has been promoted to Central region scout after serving as an area scout for the team the past eight years. He got his start with the team in 2012 as Arizona’s representative with the National Football Scouting service. He also worked for the Chicago Bears from 2010-12 as a pro personnel assistant. He played college ball at Cornell University from 2005-08.

Gold moves up to assistant director of college scouting after working as Arizona’s college scouting coordinator for the past four years. He got his start with the team as a scouting assistant from 2014-16 before moving to scout in 2017.

Valles will now serve as scout for the Northeast region of the country after spending last year as a scouting assistant for Arizona. Before joining the team in 2021, he worked at Wake Forest University as a defensive recruiting and player personnel assistant and was a volunteer recruiting assistant at Boston College in 2019.

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