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ASU’s Chad Johnson Jr. trolls All-Pro dad’s age: ‘He’s 50 and can still move’ – Arizona Sports

Arizona State wide receiver Chad Johnson Jr. said Sunday that he’ll pick his dad’s brain sometimes, but noted that not everything that made Chad Johnson successful is taught.

The elder Johnson was a two-time All-Pro receiver in the NFL, and his son said a lot of what made him dominant was talent and speed.

The Sun Devil said his dad’s feet were weird, meaning it in a complimentary way, of course.

Johnson Jr. said his father still has great footspeed at his advanced age.

“The defender could play perfect coverage on him but his feet, they’re just really quick,” Johnson Jr. said. “I used to be like, ‘Wow.’ I’m still like, ‘Wow,’ he’s 50 and could still move like that.”

High praise, but with a snag. Johnson isn’t quite 50 yet, having turned 44 this year. But, Johnson Jr. got a laugh by “rounding up.”

“Please tell him, tag me, tag him,” Johnson Jr. laughed.

Johnson is a very active Twitter user and did not take long to respond.

It be ya own kids calling you old 😤 https://t.co/dyurD6CfLb

— Chad Johnson (@ochocinco) August 28, 2022

His son showed some love online, though, posting a couple of clips of Johnson creating separation with his footwork.

💯💯💯 https://t.co/w7Jhus92X9 pic.twitter.com/esCIeKZ2sS

— Chad Johnson Jr. (@chadjohnsonll) August 28, 2022

The redshirt sophomore said his footwork is also pretty good, though, and shared some trash talk.

“I’m pretty, pretty decent, I try,” Johnson Jr. said. “I’m better than him.”

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