Bill banning critical race theory in Arizona heads to committee – Arizona’s Family

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — House Republicans are planning to hear a bill on Tuesday that bans many issues that get conflated with critical race theory from being taught in public schools. The bill, HB 2112, which will be heard in the House Education Committee, also proposes teachers could face a $5,000 fine and potentially lose their teaching certificate if they violate the proposed law. In broad terms, the bill bars teaching that one race or gender is superior to another and it also says teachers could face punishment if they teach a lesson that makes a student feel bad about their race.

“This is the effort to go after the most troubling aspects of critical race theory,” said Rep. Michelle Udall, a Republican from Mesa who sponsored the legislation.

There’s no evidence that critical race theory – examining at how race and racism shaped U.S. history and how laws and systems perpetuate it – is taught in Arizona. Udall said, “it’s hard to say how widespread it is,” and added, “we have heard several specific examples with documentation.”

Some of that evidence will be presented at the education hearing on Tuesday, Udall, who is also a public school teacher, said. The hearing comes a week after Gov. Doug Ducey called to end the teaching of critical race theory in Arizona schools. The bill also has the backing of Republican House Speaker Rusty Bowers, who signed on as a co-sponsor.

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