Home Videos COVID, opioid epidemic lead most pressing health stories of 2022 | JUST...

COVID, opioid epidemic lead most pressing health stories of 2022 | JUST THE FAQS

COVID, opioid epidemic lead most pressing health stories of 2022 | JUST THE FAQS

COVID and the opioid epidemic were some of the most pressing health topics of 2022. Here’s how they could evolve in 2023.

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I Will Go

Your life is defined by who you are and what you do. When you advance from doing something for yourself to do good things for others, you become special to them as well as special to yourself. Life is a game for players. Stop watching. Play.

The Four Agreements and Why I Take Them Personally

On the surface, the “Four Agreements” seem innocent, perhaps even thoughtful and wise. But then again, I would be a fool if I didn’t always want to do my best; I am well aware that assumptions put an “ass” between “u” and “me”; and I have been teaching kids forever about how important “being impeccable with their word” is. As a navigator of life’s river, this advice feels obvious. But when I come to “Don’t Take Anything Personally,” I can’t help shaking my head at the simplicity of a journey that navigates on this “personal truth.”

7 Steps To Visualize Your Way To Success

Visualization is a lot about building confidence. It’s also about tapping into the brain’s tendency to heighten your awareness to opportunities that have to do with what you’re focusing on.

Why Leaders Must Earn The FAITH?

Simply, because, someone, either, is elected, selected, and/ or, ascends to any position of leadership, doesn’t mean, he has earned the right, to be considered, a real leader! Rather than taking, the constituents and stakeholders, he is supposed to serve and represent, for granted, it’s important, to do, everything, possible, to earn their FAITH, every day, in every, possible way! How one, clearly, demonstrates, he is fit to lead, and will make a difference, for the better, for both, the organization, as well as its stakeholders and constituents, differentiates between real leaders, and the rest – of – the – pack!…

How Will You Set Your GOALS?

We often speak about the need to know, where we might, want to go, and what we hope to accomplish, but, few of us, take the time, and make the effort, to set, personally motivated, well – considered, GOALS! This must mean, more to you, than, merely, empty promises, and/ or, rhetoric, but, rather, dedicating your efforts, to making a significant, personal change, for the future! It may seem obvious, but it is often, easier said, than done!