The card with a story for the heroes: A revolutionary new payment product with rewards and savings supporting U.S. Veterans.

MIAMI, Nov. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — DCR, a leading payments provider, has partnered with Veteran Services USA (VSUSA) to bring significant discounts and rewards points to veterans across the United States, bolstered by a revolutionary payment product. VSUSA Prepaid Debit Cards will give cashback to cardholders, among other benefits, including discount prescription savings at over 63,000 participating pharmacies. Members can show their personalized metal cards at pharmacies and receive markdowns to alleviate expenses.

“This partnership is a significant step in founding the VSUSA financial ecosystem supporting our U.S. Veteran’s and various forthcoming products,” said Charles Everhardt, Principal and Co-Founder of VSUSA. “DCR is a key partner with over 7 million customers and our organizations together are poised to innovate in the affinity debit card market.”

VSUSA Prepaid Debit Cards will be supplied by DCR and distributed to program members upon registration. The dual-interface debit cards integrate with the VSUSA Wallet app, where users can view transaction history, load funds, and collect VSUSA Coins with each purchase. Cardholders can also convert coins to cash in real-time to redeem at millions of merchants.

“We are proud to support VSUSA with a product that combines rewards, discounts, and financial services geared towards veterans. This is only the beginning of the program, and we look forward to our collective future,” said Diana Fletcher, President of DCR.

The payment program will launch in early 2022, but pre-registration opens on Veterans Day—the November 11th holiday honoring military service. VSUSA and DCR will introduce new promotions and discounts in the new year to continue growing the services offered to our customers. To pre-register for the VSUSA Prepaid Debit Card, visit

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About Veteran Services USA

Veteran Services USA (VSUSA) a non-profit organization that empowers Veterans and Seniors by offering services designed to build successful life transitions with access to workforce and independent housing; health services; and social service programs in communities across the United States. For transitioning Service Members, Veterans & Families, VSUSA seeks to provide educational programs featuring innovative training, counseling, and career connections through robust public-private partnerships, applying proven community and strength-based approaches to building resilience, treating trauma, and preventing suicide. For more information, visit

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