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Dog helps save friend by lying in the road | Animalkind

This dog literally laid down his life for his friend.
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When Samantha Zimmer of Houston, Texas reported to a dog rescue call, she discovered a hero dog who refused to leave his injured friend’s side.

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High THC Marijuana Use Can Lead to Long Term Chronic Mental Health Issues

Back in the 60s smoking weed was quite popular. There was something of a cultural revolution going on. Most of the folks that smoked pot back then eventually grew out of it and went on to have families and enjoy a normal life in American society. Only about 10% of those over the age of 25 ever became addicted, most just stopped. Yes, some went on to try more potent drugs like LSD, Heroin, or tried dropping acid, which is why some consider marijuana a ‘gateway’ drug. The 60s were a crazy time.

Why India Is Being A Top Favorite To Outsource Medical Billing During Pandemic?

As the medical industry is currently going through constant changes and challenges due to this pandemic, to keep up with the pace, many billing companies have already outsourced their medical billing and Coding process to an offshore-based medical billing company. The challenges involved and the lack of skilled manpower and most importantly cost-effective services are some of the reasons why India has been the all-time favorite to Outsource Medical Billing. Let us look into a few highlights on why outsourcing to India is an increasing trend during this pandemic!

Honest Grant Cardone Marketing Mentoring Program Review

Do you know Grant Cardone? Do you strive for success? Are you passionate? If you want to learn from the best Grant Cardone is your guy. You are about to take a “DEEP DIVE” and become submersed into his Marketing Mentoring Program. We will take a look and I will help educate you on what I have learned, and where you will benefit by joining him on his mission to create success, and help you do the same.

Who Can You Trust When Investing?

The world is in turmoil with the coronavirus. Now the United States is having demonstrations because of the police brutality against black men as witnessed by the killing of George Floyd. These are difficult times, and investing may be on the minds of lots of people.

Police Arrest and Control – Differences in Resisting Arrest and Being Lawfully Disobedient, Part I

It seems quite evident that after 231 years a large segment of American citizens, people comprising that grand group of citizens over 18 years of age permitted to vote in State and federal elections (the electorate), are having a very difficult time contrasting and understanding the profound difference between being civilly and lawfully disobedient, as Henry David Thoreau wrote in his famous essay and spent a night in jail after refusing to pay a poll tax to illustrate the principle of an unjust law, and overtly and illegally resisting police arrest. There is a distinct and notable difference between the two that urgently needs to be explicated since, as the venerable John Adams so meaningfully stated, ‘… We the( American republic) are a nation of laws, and not of men,’ and those laws either deserve being obeyed without question, or properly changed in the fashion intended by the Framers of the American Constitution. State and federal criminal and civil laws, properly legislated, are to provide peace and domestic tranquility for the People of the United States. Without law and enforcement of it, anarchy will surely prevail as mob-rule as each member of that obstreperous mob a law unto himself.

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