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Election deniers are on the ballot in November’s midterms elections | USA TODAY

States like Arizona, Pennsylvania and Nevada have candidates in the November midterms who have denied the 2020 presidential elections results.

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Across the country more than 300 candidates who have either questioned or renounced the 2020 outcome without providing evidence will be on the ballot in 2022. They are vying for Congress, governor, attorney general and secretary of state, and a significant number are running in vital battleground states that propelled Joe Biden into the White House.

The USA TODAY Network examined seven of those swing states Biden won in 2020 — Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Mexico and Nevada — representing a total of 84 electoral votes.

Many were targeted by former President Donald Trump and his allies as part of a multi-layered plot to overturn the 2020 election, including using slates of fake electors in those seven battleground states, according to sworn testimony given to the Jan. 6 congressional committee. Experts warn that any who win these crucial seats will have various tools that could throw the country into chaos in 2024.

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