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Energy supply issues continue in 17 Ukrainian regions, says Zelenskyy | USA TODAY

Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that emergency electricity shutdowns persist in 17 regions, including Odesa and Kyiv.

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Another blistering round of Russian airstrikes ripped across Ukraine on Thursday, further damaging already battered energy infrastructure as Kyiv saw its first snow of the season.

Air raid sirens sounded across Ukraine and authorities said at least four people were killed in drone and missile strikes as air defense teams scrambled to shoot down Russia’s aerial weaponry.

“Stay in shelters and safe places,” Kyiv regional military leader Oleksiy Kuleba warned on Telegram. “Do not photograph the place, arrival and the work of air defense.”

Thursday’s attack fell short of the nationwide barrage of more than 100 missiles and drones that knocked out power to 10 million people Tuesday – described by Ukraine’s energy minister as the biggest blitz of the nearly 9-month-old war.

Andriy Yermak, head of Ukraine’s presidential office, called the attacks “naive tactics of cowardly losers” that have not weakened the Ukrainians’ resolve.

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