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Federal Reserve raises interest rate 0.75% to help with rising inflation | USA TODAY

In an attempt to slow inflation, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 0.75%, the largest rate increase since 1994.
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The Federal Reserve is rolling out the heavy artillery in its bid to fight a historic inflation spike that has shown little let-up.

But the aggressive strategy is expected to further slow the economy and increases the risk of recession. It already has triggered a brutal market sell-off.

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Atoms and Molecules

Sugar is sweet and the sugar granules are small. Can we cut the smaller sugar granules? Yes! we can. Imagine the size of the smallest sugar particle that can retain the sweetness when you cut it. If you keep cutting, you will reach a particle that cannot be divided again without losing sweetness. That smallest particle of the sugar that retains all the qualities of sugar is the molecule of sugar. The sugar molecule again can be divided, but it will not be sugar again. Dividing molecules again into smaller particles is possible.In this article, I tried to make students understand the difference between atoms and molecules

The Top 10 Retail Businesses

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Your Realty Companion Coldwell Banker India

For more than a century, Coldwell Banker India has been helping customers to find the perfect homes of supreme purpose. The vision certainly defines the group and every millennial who is the part of the global network. The aim of the company will never diverge from ultimate mission to deliver treasure of the home, both reliably and ethically

Form Maker Software

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Why Do We Need an Insurance for Our Vehicle?

Driving a vehicle is not a luxury rather it is a big responsibility. Even many people consider driving as a status symbol especially in a country like India, where people believe in showing off. With the increasing income slabs, having a vehicle is not at all a big deal now a days and people can easily afford to have bikes and cars.

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