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Florida man bit by alligator while washing his hands in pond … – USA TODAY

An alligator bit a man while he was rinsing his hand in a Florida pond, officials reported this week.

In a news release, officials said a man was washing his hands about 11 a.m. Thursday in Sanibel, Florida when a gator bit him. The man freed himself and called 911 as witnesses applied a tourniquet.

The man “sustained a serious injury to his right forearm,” and Lee County Emergency Medical Services took him to the hospital, the release said.

Throughout the afternoon, Florida Fish and Wildlife, along with a Florida State trapper, attempted to capture the alligator, officials said.

After Hurricane Ian struck the Florida barrier island on Sept. 28, city officials warned those that Sanibel Island wildlife was upended. Animals on the island include alligators, coyotes, bobcats, raccoons, pigs, armadillos, and a crocodile, with at least one black bear sighting since 2011.

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With the destruction, officials restricted access, with residents and approved workers the only people allowed on the island.

Agencies assisting Sanibel police with the rescue included Orlando Police Department, Jacksonville Beach Police Department, Panama City Police Department, St. Petersburg Police Department, Sanibel Fire Department, and Lee County EMS, officials said.

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