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Harris blasts Supreme Court for abortion draft opinion, calls it ‘assault on freedom | USA TODAY

The draft Supreme Court decision, which was leaked Monday night, would overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade case that legalized abortion nationwide.

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Vice President Kamala Harris had a clear message Tuesday for those who want to restrict abortion rights: How dare they? Speaking at a conference hosted by EMILY’s List, a group that helps elect women candidates, Harris said access to abortion would be severely limited in almost half the country if Roe v. Wade gets overturned, including 13 states with “trigger laws” that would ban the procedure.

“We say, how dare they? How dare they tell a woman what she can do and cannot do with her own body?” Harris said. “When we look at the big picture, those who attack Roe have been clear, they want to ban abortion in every state. They want to bully anyone who seeks or provides reproductive health care.”

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