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Internet outage allows for free beer at Nebraska-Northwestern game in Ireland – Arizona Sports

College football is back in a big fashion.

Nebraska and Northwestern kicked off the college football year in Dublin, Ireland and due to an internet outage, fans were treated to free beer.

The Big 10 opponents started Week 0 with a 9:30 am MST, but the 5:30 p.m. kickoff in Dublin seemed to garner the spectator’s interest in the beer while the system was down.

The only problem was that because of the free drinks, fans started to line up in extremely long queues.

The queue for alcohol at Aviva Stadium right now because everything is free due to the internet being down. pic.twitter.com/JWS4IxyfxR

— Amie Just (@Amie_Just) August 27, 2022

While the beer was being franticly poured to keep the long lines moving, fans that got stuck missed out on an exciting first half which saw 31 points, two touchdowns over 30 yards, a fourth down conversion and over 500 combined yards of total offense.

Although, the 64-degree weather in Ireland and return of college football may make fans more likely to wait in line for a free drink instead of paying the usual stadium amount.

On the other hand, the spectator that was hoping to have a casual beer may have to wait in a nightmare line for their beverage.

If you want to wait in this pic.twitter.com/9VILzSZDMz

— Paul Gornowski (@PGornowski) August 27, 2022

On top of the free beer, almost all concession stands were sold out as cashiers were unable to take payments.

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