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January 6 hearings: Second public House committee hearing on Capitol attack

The House committee investigating last year’s attack on the Capitol hopes to explain what happened minute-by-minute Jan. 6, 2021, in public hearings, but the challenge is whether the tick-tock sets off alarms or the viewing public simply hits the snooze button.


Plenty of dramatic revelations have hinted at what the committee has found. Court records described the debunked legal strategy behind former President Donald Trump’s effort to reject votes in closely contested states. Texts illustrated panic about the violence among Trump’s relatives and aides, as Republican lawmakers discussed martial law. Closed-door testimony described Trump’s inaction for hours after the Capitol was breached.

A year and a half after the attack, the question is whether the public will stay tuned. Several members of the committee acknowledged it is crucial to make the hearings interesting for a national audience.

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