Las Vegas hotel employees surprised with $5000 bonuses by CEO | USA TODAY

The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas surprised each employee with $5000 to show their appreciation to their staff for pushing through the pandemic.
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Ambulances Can Gift a Life

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Many Americans consider, owning a home, of their own, to be, one of the greatest dreams, satisfactions, and enjoyments, of life! There are a wide – variety, of options, in terms of how, and where, one lives/ resides, etc, including: renting; owning a cooperative apartment, a condominium, single – family home, and/ or, living in a multi – family, dwelling, one owns. Each of these, has certain benefits/ advantages, as well as disadvantages/ challenges, and there is no such thing, as, one – size – fits – all, when it comes to, determining, which a specific individual, would enjoy most,…

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