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Letter: Idea for Better Politics

I have a wish list for future elections. Besides eliminating the electoral college, voting rights bills being passed, and independent election commissions, as in AZ, I think two items would improve our politics via the quality of political candidates. First, the candidate must pass a civics test, being literate in the US Constitution and Congressional Codes of Ethics. Next, the candidate must pass a complete physical, including an extensive psychiatric evaluation. Realizing your cynical laughter, thoughts that “all politicians are egotistical and likely insane to run for office,” my experience living in DC reveals otherwise. Many are mature and ethically dedicated to public service. But with the Supreme Court’s Citizens United and spin doctors like Karl Rove creating the darkest political campaigns, I suspect I’m not alone longing for ways to choose better candidates. Tests would help. I bet we can think of at least four AZ officials undeserving of the responsibility they have, requiring intelligence and high ethical standards. Can they even define “ethical?”

Nancy Jacques

Northeast side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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