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Breaking down the biggest news from Love Island USA this week, from rumors that Will Moncada & Kyra Lizama broke up to Alana talking about Charlie.

This was another big week for Love Island USA fans to keep up with their favorite islanders in their post-season era. Since Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy were crowned the winners of Love Island USA season 3, a lot of back-and-forth has taken place within this cast. The winning couple is still reportedly together, but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about their current relationship status. Meanwhile, there are several other couples that have already broken up.

Of note, Bailey Marshall and Jeremy Hershberg called it just one week after they placed third in the Love Island USA grand finale. Despite trying really hard to make their relationship work outside the villa, Aimee Flores and Wes Ogsbury have also called it quits since getting dumped on the show. In turn, season 3 star Leslie Golden met season 2 star Bennett Sipes after leaving the villa, and they’ve been dating ever since.

Fortunately, fans can be happy that fan-favorite couple Cashay Proudfoot and Cinco are still very much together. Last week, Shannon St Clair also confirmed that she’s still with Josh Goldstein. The two islanders are very in love and even have plans to move in together sometime soon. When it comes to Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama, however, there was a lot of speculation surrounding their possible breakup this week.

Will Moncada Shuts Down Breakup Rumors With Kyra Lizama

During a recent interview, Will took the time to shut down all the rumors that he had broken up with Kyra recently. The fans noticed that Will went on what appeared to be a very long trip to Mexico City. During the said trip, Will was spotted several times hanging out with the same unknown girl. On social media, Love Island viewers also claimed that Kyra was no longer interacting with Will as much. Alas, Will adamantly denied those rumors in a recent interview, claiming that he and Kyra are still in a relationship and “100% exclusive” with each other.

Alana Paolucci Confirms Breakup With Charlie Lynch

After placing fourth in the grand finale of Love Island USA season 3, Alana Paolucci and Charlie Lynch had an uphill battle to stay together outside the villa. They had just met a week before the finale, after all, and it wasn’t too encouraging for them to see that the public rejected their relationship. Despite the lack of too many obvious confirmations that this couple had broken up, it was pretty clear to any Love Island fan that Charlie and Alana were no longer dating for some time. With that said, Alana confirmed that she and Charlie broke up this week. Alana did say that there are no hard feelings between them, but she made it clear that they are no longer an item.

This particular post-season of Love Island USA has been more eventful than ever. The American series had a slow start with season 1, which aired in 2019. However, viewership really picked up last year when season 2 became a mainstream success. In 2021, the islanders walked into the season 3 villa already knowing that their lives would change forever.

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