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Massive dust devil swirling at an Arkansas construction site | USA TODAY

This massive dust devil was spotted swirling at a construction site in Arkansas.
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Autumn Sown Onions:

The idea of sowing onion seeds in August is a very good one, because it is a known fact that seeds sown at this time of year are not affected by onion fly. However it is not always possible to do so because some land might be exposed to cold north or easterly winds which will prevent the seeds from taking off.

Hope In Times Like These

Scriptures to encourage the reader to trust in God no matter what may come. God’s love hope and protection is examined.

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My Experiences While Trekking

I have written many articles before in which I have stated ways to prepare mentally and physically for a trek or hike. In this article I am sharing some of my experiences which I gathered on treks. I always loved colors of nature. The brown color of soil, the green color of flora, the blue color of sky and the vibrant wildlife always attracted me towards the nature. I am entirely a hill person. I love everything and anything about the nature. The dense forests, the huge mountains, the clear blue sky, the flowing rivers and the mesmerizing waterfalls always enthrall me.

Know Your Onions:

The onion is perhaps the most respected crop in the vegetable patch as well as the highest priced in the market. Producing a fine crop of onions takes work and care, for there are many problems along the way like mildew and onion fly. However, I will lead you down the right path to avoid these troubles by growing your onions with the correct cultivation.

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