Milky Way black hole first photo revealed, Perseus sounds ominous | USA TODAY

See our galaxy’s Sagittarius A* black hole and listen to the eery echo of one in the Perseus galaxy.

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Predictions For Chinese New Year of the Ox 2021 – A Dynamic, Yet Peaceful and Better Year

A dynamic, yet peaceful and better year. 2021 is a White Metal Ox period. Metal Ox’s are strong, reliable, and can make unlucky events fortunate, but it takes hard work. Harder, smarter and disciplined work will pay off for everyone. There’ll be more environmental and spiritual focus, with advances in medicine and technology. A good year for lifestyle change, but stay focused, be cautious with money and look after your lungs.

Did You Know That Garam Masala and Curry Powder Are Different?

Sometimes even experienced cooks can get confused between garam masala vs curry powder. After all, both are used in Indian cooking and they seem to be a staple ingredient in many dishes. How different could the ingredients be, after all?

5 Powerful Steps To Make 2021 The Most Fulfilling Year Ever!

Although many of us may have heard the quote that goes: “Adversity introduces a man to himself”, we got to experience it and live it fully in 2020. Do not worry; I am not going to amplify how most people got impacted by the sudden changes that took place unexpectedly since the first quarter of last year, because I also know people who can certainly say that 2020 was one of their best years so far. Each of us responded to what was going on differently, not realizing that we were only dealing with what was inside us that merely showed up as problems/opportunities in the outside world.

3 Common Data Science Concepts Tested on All Interviews

There are usually several concepts interviewers are testing for on data science interviews but since they might only have time to ask 1-2 questions, they’ll try to pack the concepts into one question. So it’s important to know what these concepts are so you can look out for them in an interview.

Enjoy a Pleasurable Stay With Your Family in a Kallangur Motel, Queensland

When you are looking to make the most of your picnic with your family, there is no other place that does it better than a motel. It pays to settle down at a motel if you are looking to enjoy every moment with your loved ones.