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Phoenix area ski shops getting early business rush amid cooler weather

Phoenix saw its coldest high temperature since March on Oct. 12. That, coupled with snow in Flagstaff, meant people were heading to ski shops to get ready for the upcoming ski season. FOX 10’s Matt Galka reports.

PHOENIXOn Oct. 12, Phoenix had its coldest high temperature since March, and the second-coolest Oct. 12 ever.

The temperature in Phoenix, as well as the snow falling in Flagstaff, had people thinking about ski season, and some ski shops are seeing an early rush of business. While it isn’t exactly ski season yet, it was enough to motivate some skiers to get ready to hit the slopes.

“Everybody’s going crazy. It’s been snowing in Utah, Colorado, South Dakota, everywhere. Everyone’s getting excited,” said Susan Kannapel, who owns Ski Pro in Phoenix.

Kannapel said people were in and out, preparing all day.

“Usually we do have to wait a little longer than this, and today, with it being a bit chilly and there being snow, I think it made a difference,” said Kannapel.

Skis needed to be waxed, and boards needed to be fitted. Oct. 12’s weather brought some nice surprise, considering winter doesn’t start for about 70 days.

“It’s gonna be killer, it’s gonna be great. Supposed to have great snowfall in Arizona,” said Kannapel.

For New England transplants Cody and Samantha, the cooler weather was a nice change of pace.

“Heat was definitely something to get used to, but the colder weather, I packed a sweatshirt in a car today,” said Samantha.

They already have their first trip to the snow planned.

“Kinda have to gauge myself down from 110 to the 105 to the 70. People in sweatshirts at 70. At least where we’re from, they’d still be in shorts. So I’m enjoying it,” Cody said about the weather.

Temperatures are expected to rise next week.

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