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Pilot ejects from F-35 fighter jet after crash landing in Texas | USA TODAY #Shorts

A pilot was reportedly “safe and under observation” after ejecting himself from a F-35 fighter jet during a crash landing at the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth in Texas.

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5 Best Ways to Lose Body Fat

No matter why you want to lose weight, it won’t be easier for you to achieve this goal. Aside from diet and exercise, many factors have an impact on your weight loss efforts. Fortunately, we can share a few tips with you that can help you boost your fat loss.

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Are you looking for a list of foods that can help you flatten your stomach? If so, you are on the right page. In this article, we are going to discuss the best foods that can help you lose belly fat and get back into shape.

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When you are in ketosis, your body burns fat and uses it for energy in an efficient manner. This process makes the keto diet an ideal choice for those who are looking for an easy way of losing weight. However, if you are following this diet and are not losing weight, chances are that you are not in ketosis.

The Democratic Coalition?: 5 Reasons It May Not Defeat Trump!

Regardless of one’s political beliefs, or, who they support, it’s important to recognize, the Presidential election of 2020, as it appears, now, will be difficult/ challenging, to accurately predict. On one hand, President Trump will be able to point to the positive state of the economy, and employment levels, which normally, would nearly guarantee an incumbent’s reelection. However, the continuous perception, of his statements, combined with the appearance of conflicts of interest, plus suspicions of misdeeds regarding Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, etc, stand in his way!

Global Storms Launch Dust Towers Into The Martian Sky

No other planet in our Solar System has inspired the human imagination more than Mars.This is because, historically, the Red Planet was considered the most likely world to be the distant home of life beyond Earth. While this viewpoint has certainly become greatly outdated, Mars still entices Earthlings with its rusty-red surface, etched with small valleys carved into slopes, that are eerily similar in shape to gullies formed by rushing water flowing on the surface of our own planet–and where liquid water exists, life as we know it may also exist. But, today, Mars is a frigid and dry wasteland, where violent dust storms are common–but, every ten years or so, something unpredictable happens, and a series of runaway storms break out that cover the entire planet in a dense shroud of swirling dust. In November 2019, planetary scientists announced that a fleet of NASA spacecraft managed to get a good look at the life cycle of the enormous–and highly destructive–2018 global dust storm that prematurely ended the visiting rover Opportunity’s mission of exploration on the Red Planet.

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