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Pomsky puppy gets star treatment from Starbucks drive-thru employees | USA TODAY

A five-month-old pomsky puppy received star treatment from Starbucks employees and put a smile on their faces.

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Marriage is a long time tradition. However, in the US, most marriages end in divorce. And no one knows how to stop the proliferation of failed marriages. There are even marriage counselors who end up in divorce court. Since the choice of a spouse is the most important decision a person can make, they should not do it alone. Your parents and grandparents know you, your family values and have a better sense of discernment when it comes to assessing a potential mate. They will not only examine the love interest they will pay close attention to the family. Perhaps this is the reason there were such low incidences of divorce in the past. Your family was intimately involved in your choice of a spouse. This article explores the litany of benefits of being part of an arranged marriage.

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