President Biden visits Louisiana to witness Hurricane Ida damage | USA TODAY

The death toll from the remnants of Hurricane Ida’s blast through the Northeast rose Thursday after fierce downpours and flooding, claiming four times as many lives as the storm’s initial landfall.


At least 45 people died Wednesday and Thursday, state and local officials said. Twenty-three deaths were reported in New Jersey, 15 in New York, five in Pennsylvania, one in Maryland and one in Connecticut.

The carnage comes days after Hurricane Ida barreled ashore Sunday in Louisiana packing 150 mph winds. At least 9 deaths due to flooding and carbon monoxide poisoning have been reported Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

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5 Myths About Find A Virtual Assistant

Here are you can read the 5 Myths about finding a Virtual Assistants on what does people think about virtual assistant compared with the physical office assistant. This is also giving awareness on the benefits on hiring a virtual assistant.

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Solar batteries have the answers for all our power consumption devices. With the power swift technology, a lot of the people of the world are trying to get the switching power of the new and trending devices. Making the people needs to get the right height of the fulfillment option, the solar power battery is employed to be able to store the energy from the sun rays. Just making the future of the most of the people shift use.

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What Is B2B Marketing: The Best B2B Marketing Strategy

By definition, B2B marketing is about trade with another company, and B2C marketing deals with private customers. The target of these two types of marketing is therefore very different: limited in number, but specialized in Business to Business, much broader, but less expert in Business to Consumer. In fact, the companies targeted in B2B, already a priori better informed than the individual, do in addition a work of important research with experts for the analysis of their needs and the search for adequate solutions. It is therefore necessary to implement, in B2B, a marketing strategy that provides much more specific and specialized information than in B2C, because the customers are, in general, less aware of the proposed products and solutions. In the latter case, the use of simpler language works better with individuals.

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