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QuHarrison Terry & Genesis Renji’s Open Your Eyes EP, Available Today via VNM USA – PR Newswire

, /PRNewswire/ — QuHarrison Terry, author of The Metaverse Handbook, and Emmy-nominated artist Genesis Renji today release Open Your Eyes, their new sonic storytelling project via VNM USA.

Open Your Eyes Tracklist

1. A New Specimen

2. Took Flight

3. Krista Kim

4. Open Your Eyes

5. Seasteading Flows

6. Airdrop

7. Fuego

Listen now:

Open Your Eyes is a seven-track EP that asks the listener to open their eyes to several technological moments that are happening right now.

A New Specimen” references the internet artist of the same name, commenting on making it as a fine artist using the web as your chosen medium.

Took Flight” is inspired by Meta Diva Serena Elis’s confidence in betting on her vision as a metaverse performer.

Krista Kim” highlights her monumental digital home transaction in 2021 and how it marked the metaverse era.

Open Your Eyes” tells the story of an emerging visionary and the internal struggles they must overcome.

Seasteading Flows” chronicles the threat of global warming while showcasing an antidote of floating cities known as seasteads – an idea that has been popularized by Patri Friedman, Wayne Gramlich, and Joe Quirk. The track also features a hidden mention of Arthur Hayes.

Airdrop” is a techie love story about unexpected encounters.

Fuego” is about breaking expectations with confidence, hard work, and boldly paving your own path. The record references Nikki Fuego, a Decentraland fashion designer that’s known for designing digital wearables and creating drag shows in the metaverse.

Genesis Renji shared how the EP came together, “When QT hit me up about needing help sharing these stories, I thought he was asking me to be his next co-author. But he had a different vision. He began sending me voice notes and articles, asking me how we could turn these ideas into a record. Believe me, Open Your Eyes is just the beginning.”

“In today’s age, great music spreads faster than the written word. I had these powerful stories I wanted to share, but felt that they’d go further on Spotify and Apple Music versus an audiobook. That is the birth of sonic storytelling and our way of highlighting memorable moments through music,” said QuHarrison Terry.

Streaming here:

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