Seven Potential NIL Partnerships for Arizona State Athletes – Sports Illustrated

These local powerhouses may be the perfect pairing for Sun Devils athletes, who now have the power to make money off their name, image and likeness.

Three letters have ruled the college sporting headlines as of late: NIL. 

It’s been over a week since the NCAA has adopted an interim policy for players to profit off their NIL (Name, Image and Likeness). The following guidelines have been posted on the NCAA’s official website for athletes to follow:

  • Individuals can engage in NIL activities that are consistent with the law of the state where the school is located. Colleges and universities may be a resource for state law questions.
  • College athletes who attend a school in a state without an NIL law can engage in this type of activity without violating NCAA rules related to name, image and likeness.
  • Individuals can use a professional services provider for NIL activities.
  • Student-athletes should report NIL activities consistent with state law or school and conference requirements to their school.

We’ve seen college athletes already hit the ground running with cash in mind.

While it remains to be seen how much these college athletes can make, some are already raking in big dollars. Master P’s son and Tennessee State basketball player Hercy Miller recently accepted a deal worth $2 million to become the brand ambassador for technology company Web Apps America. 

Miller has yet to officially step on the court as a college basketball player, but has already pocketed seven figures. 

Arizona State athletes will likely try to garner partnerships on smaller levels, although no athlete should ever try to undersell themselves in negotiations. Athletes within the state are on hold for the moment however, as the NIL ruling (Senate Bill 1296) for the state of Arizona will go into effect July 23. 

In the meantime, Sun Devils athletes (and yes, even athletes for that school down south) will begin negotiations for potential deals ahead of their respective seasons. While nationally known brands may cater more toward the “star” players, it’s likely a majority of ASU players will seek a partner with local brands. 

Alas, we are here. Whether you’re a casual reader or future professional in whatever sport, here are seven well-known Arizona/west-coast companies to keep an eye on for Sun Devils to join forces with:


What wouldn’t there be to love here? Players sign with a west-coast fast-food powerhouse that is able to pay them decent money. I’m sure players wouldn’t mind a free meal or two, as long as it’s animal style. This is likely the best-case scenario for the majority of athletes in the state.

Bosa Donuts

Perhaps a bit more local to Arizona, the state donut powerhouse would be a sweet deal that wouldn’t require too much from either side (business wise), and may prove to be more reasonable for a wider range of ASU athletes. Krispy Kreme who?

State 48 Clothing

Dipping into the fashion pool, State 48 has established itself as one of the top clothing brands in Arizona. A partnership with an ASU athlete would strengthen the player’s ties with local fans and retailers, acting as a win-win for both company and player. Here come the shirts/jerseys with names on them!

Arizona Sports Complex

One of the top places for both kids and adults to play sports, the soccer powerhouse has begun operations expanding to other sports such as basketball and volleyball. The indoor complex has plenty of ad space in their locations for players to get more exposure, especially for those athletes who aren’t on the football team.

Harkins Theatres

The multi-million dollar movie chain is one of the big dogs in the market, proving themselves as one of the best theater chains across the country, let alone the state of Arizona where they dominate the market. A deal with Harkins could become quite lucrative depending on the caliber of player, and who doesn’t enjoy free movies?

Sanderson Ford

Home to the best-selling dealership in the country when it comes to Ford vehicles, Sanderson Ford’s success within the valley and reach across the state would be exceptional for any college athlete to grab onto. College kids need something to ride around in too, right?


The local grocery food chain has dominated the state’s market with more than 130 stores in every county of Arizona. Even a discount on groceries is enough to entice any ever-hungry college athlete in need of a partner.

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