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Site selector: Despite Samsung opting for Texas, Arizona still a heavy hitter for business attraction – ABC15 Arizona

PHOENIX — Despite technology behemoth Samsung opting for Texas instead of Arizona, the state remains in the top choices for site selectors, Chris Lloyd, chairman of the Site Selectors Guild, said.

“For me personally, Arizona is on the top of my list,” Lloyd said.

He recently worked on a deal with Gulfstream Aerospace Corp., one of the world’s leading private jet manufacturers, which is now planning a $70 million maintenance and repair facility in Mesa.

While Arizona was not ranked among the top states named in a recent survey for talent attraction and retention conducted by the Site Selectors Guild, Lloyd said the state continues to attract and grow strong talent.

“Look no further than the recent run of investments from the semiconductor industry, the electric and autonomous vehicles industries, financial services, aerospace and other industries,” Lloyd said. “These are cutting-edge industries with high demand for talent.”

Read more of this story from the Phoenix Business Journal.

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