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Six injured in missile strike on occupied Donetsk region of Ukraine | USA TODAY

Six people, including one child were injured as a result of an attack on the Donetsk region, an area held by Russian-backed separatists since 2014.
RELATED: US may send anti-missile batteries to Ukraine to amid Russian strikes

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A Memorable Passage on Christmas by Louisa May Alcott From “Little Women”

Louisa May Alcott was an American writer of young teen fiction. She was born in 1832 and died at age of 55 in 1888. Louisa may Alcott is remembered for her novel ‘Little Women’ and its sequels ‘Good Wives’, ‘Little Men’ and ‘Jo’s Boys’.

Chess With Scotch: The Punjabi Way

Chess is a popular game of skill and intellect. In Punjab, the Punjabi’s have modified the game to incorporate their love for good whiskey and rum. Modifying Chess Playing Chess is popular all over the world.

Life Is Meaningless: A Liberating Real Wellness Perspective

Our time is limited. Countless natural or human-induced calamities could drop the cosmic curtain at any time, perhaps while you’re reading this, such as asteroid strikes, thermonuclear wars, a supernova or volcanic eruptions combined with earthquakes. Less sudden but no less epic terminal misfortunes, such as loss of the biosphere via global warming, widespread pandemics, or other science fiction-like events could do it, such as a blitzkrieg by extraterrestrials with serious attitude problems. Even if our descendant homo sapiens hang on for a few hundred, or a few thousand or even millions of years (seems improbable), in time Ecclesiastes’ lament will come to pass, that is to say, all will be futile, utterly futile. Humans are doomed. How does that comport with the meaning of life?

NUDE News: A New Perspective On The News

There is little diversity in the organizations that bring us the news in the U.S. With the advent of cable news and seemingly endless numbers of radio broadcasts, the fact is that six conglomerates, six media giant companies often referred to as “The Big Six” largely control the news. This helps explain the need for the topic of this piece, namely, NUDE news.

Numerology-You Have at Least Some Master Numbers Part I

Master Numbers originated due to pattern recognition; these numbers, time and time again, are directly associated with patterns relating to extraordinary circumstances. The modern numerology Day of Birth and Life Path are but two factors where Master Numbers show up. Dig deep enough in the comprehensive patterns, and you find that everyone has at least some Master Numbers, and typically several.

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