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Smokey Bear challenged to dance battle at South Dakota fair | USA TODAY #shorts

The national wildlife prevention icon, Smokey Bear, was challenged to a dance battle during the annual Rosebud Fair and Wacipi in South Dakota.

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The Fear and Threat Which I Have Observed and Share Before Holy Month of Ramadan

The fear and threat which we as nation at the end of holy month ramdan before eid days observed, the smart lockdown in which crowds in the markets and malls had infected and spread its infection from small ways to long way across rural areas to high tech cities. It is now confirmed that in Pakistan this pandemic disease is going to be worse, it will take more lives and affect millions of others. Earlier many of the peoples do not believe in existence of Covid19 and thought it’s a drama of European countries and a lobby of local politicians to earn 3000$ on corona patient death declaration, which was just rumors and it’s a demand from government to arrest those culprits who spread such rumors, another issue which we nation are facing extreme response of traders, shopkeepers, transporter, labor and many other association that increase pressure on government to lift lockdown and allow peoples to refrain from social distancing.

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