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Some Ukrainian refugees are returning home despite Russia’s invasion | USA TODAY

A growing number of Ukrainian refugees who fled to Moldova are deciding to go back to Ukraine despite attacks by Russia.
This story was produced in partnership with the Pulitzer Center.

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“We don’t scare,” Garbetz said, the wheels of her purple suitcase skittering across the potholed pavement of the Ukraine-Moldova border crossing at Palanca. A handbag slung over her shoulder, Garbetz hustled to keep up with the two other women traveling with her, passing a small crowd of westbound Ukrainian refugees waiting for a shuttle bus to a nearby emergency shelter established by Moldovan authorities.

Garbetz and her family are among a small but steadily growing number of Ukrainian refugees who evacuated to neighboring Moldova at the start of the Russian invasion but are now returning home. Many are planning to stay only briefly, to check on their homes or to collect clothing more suited to the warm spring weather arriving in the two former Soviet republics.

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