South Carolina mall shooting leaves 14 injured | USA TODAY

Nine victims were treated for gunshot wounds and five suffered “other injuries” while attempting to flee.

Nine victims were treated for gunshot wounds and five suffered “other injuries” while attempting to flee.

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6 Very Popular Issues, Politicians Still Avoid/ Oppose!

Conventional knowledge, states, usually, a politician, will pay keen attention, to a variety of polls/ surveys, in order, to remain/ become, popular, and serve their own, personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! However, in recent times, we have witnessed, many circumstances, where, despite, the overall, general public support, of a specific issue, etc, the partisan behavior, continues, etc! For a variety of reasons, this strategy, seems to work, because, political marketing/ advertising, etc, effectively, provides an alternative message, and, because, so many voters, often, seem to vote – against, their own, best interests, creates this political – monster!…

How Real Estate Agents Determine Pricing?: 5 Strategic Considerations

Although, a quality, professional, real estate agent, will help, his client, determine creating the most appropriate, listing price, it must be remembered, and understood, the final decision, is that, of the homeowner, selling his home. Since, for most, the financial value of their house, is one of his, largest, personal assets, an essential skill, of the agent, is, creating, a level of trust, and a personal connection, between homeowner, and his representative! Doing this, makes it, most possible, to creating, trust, and a bond, where a thorough, comprehensive discussion, becomes possible, etc!

How Leaders Use, But Don’t Overuse Metrics?: 5 Factors

After, over four decades of involvement, in, nearly, all aspects, related to leading, from identifying and qualifying, to training, developing, and consulting to thousands of actual, and/ or, potential leaders, I have, often, observed/ witnessed, what others, tend to emphasize, when they perform leadership training! While, some of their efforts, are, valuable, and focused, sometimes, it seems, they tend to over – emphasize, using metrics, to make decisions, and measure, if/ when, their actions, are working, and/ or effective! Although, I believe in using data, there is sometimes, a fine – line, between doing so, wisely, and overusing it!

Does Contemplation Link Us to Transcendence?

Do different forms of contemplation e.g. prayer and meditation link with universal love and light? If so, does it involve personal struggle?

Amidst The Stress And Tension Of Lockdown These Words Can Be A Breath of Fresh Air – And Strength

These opening phrases of Psalm 8 are like a breath of fresh air – fresh reassurance after all we have been through in the past year – and a word of profound comfort, which only the Scriptures can give. They speak specifically to the people of God – to those who are in Christ Jesus. Many would say we have been most irresponsible – and that we have made a mess of what HE CREATED. In a way that is true – we have polluted the waters and the earth – poisoned the atmosphere – destroyed each other by war. Caring for the ecology – is really a matter of morality – and faith – and flows from belonging to God – and the further we slide away from God the more serious the situation in the world becomes. Our sin and disobedience has ruined what HE CREATED. He wants to help us – by removing the pollution from our minds – flushing out any poisonous thought from our minds and hearts – as Jesus deals with the greatest of all heart diseases – SIN. What would we do without a real living faith in Christ?