Suns C JaVale McGee: NBA threatened ‘hefty’ fine for wearing sick sunglasses – Arizona Sports

JaVale McGee has been wearing protective glasses in games since getting booped in his eye earlier this month.

Since, he’s made the best of it.

McGee successfully took the style of his glasses to another level last Friday when his Phoenix Suns visited the Memphis Grizzlies.

McGee sported dark lenses — very sporty. It just didn’t last.

JaVale’s sporting sunglasses tonight?

— Mike Vigil (@protectedpick) November 13, 2021

McGee was back to wearing his clear lenses when he came out for his second shift of that game.

Indeed, he confirmed on Wednesday that the NBA threatened his wallet if he kept it up. Somehow, in the middle of that game, the league office got that message to the Suns center.

“The league: It was like, it’s going to be a hefty fine if you go back in that game with those glasses on, so I decided to save my money,” McGee told reporters Wednesday.

McGee lasted less than two minutes to start that game before he picked up a second foul. He was substituted, and the exit marked the end of his stint wearing super cool sunglasses.

“I came out, they said the league called,” McGee explained Wednesday. “Said if you go back in there, going to be a hefty fine. I said, ‘How hefty is that fine going to be?’

The answer: “Hefty enough.”

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