Supreme Court slated to issue a landmark decision on voting rights Thursday – The Denver Channel

On Thursday, the Supreme Court is slated to release a landmark decision regarding voting rights on the final day of its term.

The ruling could have far-reaching implications as Republicans have introduced a slew of bills in statehouses across the country that attempt to limit how and when Americans can cast a ballot.

The case, which was argued in February, involved Arizona state laws that a lower court has already ruled violated the Voting Rights Act because they disproportionately keep minority voters from casting a ballot.

One of those laws prevents others from assisting a voter in returning their ballot — which the Ninth Circuit ruled disproportionally hurt Native American voters who do not receive postal service to their doorstep.

The second law says votes that are cast at the wrong precinct should be thrown out completely, which the Ninth Circuit ruled was discriminatory against Native American, Hispanic and Black voters.

The Ninth Circuit is known for issuing more liberal rulings than other appeals courts. The Supreme Court — which now features six conservative-leaning judges among its panel of nine — has already overturned several of its rulings during its term this year.

Thursday’s ruling also comes as Democrat-backed efforts in Congress to pass a sweeping voting rights bill collapsed last week, as Senate Republicans filibustered the legislation in the Senate.

The Supreme Court will issue a ruling on the Arizona laws shortly after 10 a.m. Thursday morning.

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