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Surge in women voters ahead of a contentious midterm season due to reversal of Roe | USA TODAY

Some states will have abortion on the ballot this midterm after Roe was overturned with some states already seeing abortion trigger bans in place.

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The Supreme Court’s landmark decision rolling back Roe cracked open one of the fiercest debates in U.S. history months before the election. Now Democrats are hoping that it will energize their base in swing districts and battleground states as dozens of anti-abortion laws are being triggered in multiple states.

Conservatives have argued the high court’s ruling tossed abortion back to the states where it belongs, but Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, of South Carolina, introduced a bill that would prohibit abortion nationwide after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Progressive-leaning candidates and activist say that is further evidence of the importance of keeping Democrats in power to codify reproductive rights.

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