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Using edit clips from the trial, Cuomo went on to spin the disastrous and pathetic performance from the prosecutor as a masterful one. (It’s worth noting that Cuomo used to be a lawyer but no longer practices, it’s not a mystery why.)

— Nicholas Fondacaro (@NickFondacaro) November 11, 2021


We’re at the point in the discourse when colleges have created the highly scientific and totally legitimate racial category of “Students of Color, minus Asian”

— Christopher F. Rufo (@realchrisrufo) November 10, 2021

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I am so embarrassed, I have been telling people that there were only 96 studies on the power of natural immunity. I can’t let a whole week go by without checking the number again. My bad. Up to 122 now.

— Brian Lenzkes, MD (@BrianLenzkes) November 10, 2021


Watch: Kamala Harris panned for using ‘French accent’ to French scientists while touring Parisian lab

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Watch: Suspect arrested after Seattle utility worker carjacked at knifepoint in Madison Valley

Watch: City council cuts $10 million from Seattle Police Department in new budget proposal


UPDATE: The store employee recording this video has been suspended pending an investigation. Police can’t do their jobs and store employees aren’t allowed to interfere with criminals.

An absolute lawless state of affairs.

— Katie Daviscourt🇺🇸 (@KatieDaviscourt) November 10, 2021

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A CNN guest claims that Kyle Rittenhouse was a beneficiary of “a lot of sympathetic media towards him.”

— (@townhallcom) November 10, 2021


State prosecutor tries to insinuate that Kyle Rittenhouse bought a gun so he could imitate what he saw in video games.

In response, Kyle Rittenhouse makes it clear he knows the difference between video games and real life.

— crabcrawler (@crabcrawler1) November 10, 2021


DeSantis: The OSHA Rule was made under the guise of “grave danger,” yet it took two months to draft and won’t go into effect for another two months…after the holiday season.

— Election Wizard (@ElectionWiz) November 8, 2021


🚨Coerced flight attendant who took forced injection under duress suing airline after being hospitalized with adverse effects and ongoing pain/health issues

— Alexander Higgins (@kr3at) November 8, 2021

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