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Trump says ‘best wishes’ to new administration | USA TODAY

This may be the closest President Trump gets to congratulating Joe Biden

President Trump looks forward while touting administration’s accomplishments.

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Shortest Route to Joy and Peace

Sometimes I wish we could take out some parts of the Bible or simply skip over them. Those parts that grab you by the throat and stop you dead.

Listen, and You Will Hear the Holy Spirit Speak

I was watching a fairly old movie about a girl hitch-hiking on a remote gravel road. First, a man drives by, but he’s on his phone, and nearly runs her over.

The Choices We Make

Each of us has to make hundreds of choices every day. Some important, some not so important.

The Roaring Twenties

History teaches us about past events and the different periods of life and how societies came to the present. “The Roaring Twenties” featured economic prosperity, mass consumerism and carefree living for many. It was a time when many people defied Prohibition and rejected many traditional moral standards.

“Called to Rise” Book Review

As tensions grow daily nationwide, we need to remember that officers who respond to calls have families too. They have to deal with their own personal crisis as well as those of everyone else. I’m so glad to have a job with no crisis involved. At this stage of life, I want to be the one to bring calm to those around me. To those who dedicate a lifetime of service, may God be with you.

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