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Ukrainian mother and son share emotional reunion on Mother’s Day | USA TODAY

A Ukrainian mother was reunited with her son after Russia’s occupation of a village near Kharkiv kept them apart for more than two months.

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After watching the streamed videos, particularly the Webseries with up to 9-10 episodes, one feels, again reasonably enough, that what the filmmakers cannot afford to do in the to-be-certified film productions, they can do it in the most self-indulgent ways in the OTT productions. This means: they can allow their actors to mouth all of the slangs/abuses in wanton abundance, they can show explicit sex scenes in graphic indulgence and can also have violence beyond measure, in full gory details. This huge advantage was bound to raise concerns and alert the vigilante hardliners, sooner or later…

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Heike tells this precious story: I recycle my waste at home and conscientiously put it outside for collection every Wednesday. And every Wednesday it’s collected by a man who takes everything useful without having to scratch around too much.

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