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Ukrainians dismantle Soviet-era statues of communist military leaders | USA TODAY

Ukraine’s Ministry of Culture removed two Soviet-era statues honoring Russian military leaders as part of their “de-communization” program.

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The Academic Navel-Gazers

Bureaucratic thinking and consumerism are distorting our perception of reality. We are being intellectually handicapped without even realising it. When we do not use our common sense, our actions will reflect our stupidity and create contradictions. This article is meant to expose reality, society is facing today.

Fanciful Trademarks

The strength of a particular trademark is gauged according to the Distinctiveness & Descriptiveness Continuum. On the very left of that continuum are fanciful marks, which arguably are the strongest sort of marks to file. Filing these types of marks increase the likelihood of trademark registration (provided, of course, that the mark is legally available).

Finding Thanks in Thanksgiving After Loss

Family togetherness. Festive gatherings. Turkey, cakes, pies.

What Do You Listen to?

What do you spend your time on? What are you busy with?

Proud of You!

I received the following email from Dawid: In 2014, we really struggled financially and I couldn’t even give my wife flowers or a card for our 45th anniversary! Under a peach tree in the garden I found a yellow autumn leaf and wrote the following message on it: “I love you!

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