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Warriors news: Rudy Gobert stern message to Draymond Green over ‘mouthy’ Team France callout – ClutchPoints

The back-and-forth between Golden State WarriorsDraymond Green and Utah Jazz’s Rudy Gobert seems to have no end in sight. The most recent clapback from the Frenchman specifically on Dray’s comments as a member of Team USA flicks a little more fuel into the ongoing fire.

In a sitdown interview with Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks, the Jazz center was asked about the Warriors star calling him and the French National Team out over being “mouthy” towards the media at the expense of Team USA.

“They as the French National Team have been very mouthy when it comes to us, yet they don’t beat us when it matters. Playing with Team USA, it’s us against the world. And to hear guys like [Rudy Gobert] and Evan Fournier get in the media and talk shit as if they don’t know how shit really goes, pisses me off,” Rooks quoted Warriors star Draymond Green.

Rudy Gobert didn’t take the slander sitting down. The Jazz center clapped right back against the words of Draymond Green, asking for some receipts about the so-called “mouthy” behavior that the Warriors star accused him and his French National Team members of exhibiting.

“Well, show me what shit I talk,” said Gobert. “I don’t talk shit so I wanna see the evidence of me talking shit. But I love the competitiveness. I think in a way, it’s cool that Team USA is finally getting mad at a team. Because they used to kick everyone’s a– since basketball started.

Rudy Gobert responds to Draymond’s comments about the French National team 👀

Full interview with @taylorrooks 📺

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) March 24, 2022

Team USA and Team France were the two titans of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Rudy Gobert and the French National Team dealt Team USA their first Olympic loss since 2004 when they stunned the Americans during the opening match of the preliminary group stage. Evan Fournier led the way in that one with 28 points on 11-for-22 shooting from the field while Rudy Gobert served as the defensive backstop while adding on 14 points and nine rebounds.

His Warriors rival in Draymond Green finished with four times as many fouls (4) as field goals made (1) in that opening contest. But it was Team USA that ultimately got the last laugh as they took the gold medal match in a competitive 87-82 win for the red white and blue.

Team France, however, had a legitimate chance to take the game had the ball bounced their way on a few more occasions that evening. That’s ultimately what Rudy Gobert retorted over the Warriors star’s callout. Whether or not he truly did mouth off against Team USA, the fact that it’s even worth a debate is an achievement in of itself for the rest of the world, which has been routinely stomped by previous iterations of the roster. These past Olympic games, with Team USA fielding a team full of NBA superstars, made that idea feel much more true.

Without a doubt though, Draymond Green’s rant against Team France is just another way for him to throw some dirt at Rudy Gobert, whom the Warriors star has continued to pile on for years now.

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