Watch live: Zelenskyy to address UN Security Council | USA Today

The U.N. Security Council is scheduled to meet Tuesday as President Joe Biden and a growing chorus of world leaders condemn Russia after Ukrainian officials said the bodies of 410 civilians were found in Kyiv-area towns that were recently retaken from Russian forces.

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The Russian withdrawal from towns around Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, revealed the corpses. The outcry has led to calls for tougher sanctions against the Kremlin, including a possible cutoff of gas and oil imports from Russia. Germany and France reacted by expelling dozens of Russian diplomats, suggesting they were spies. U.S. President Joe Biden said Russian leader Vladimir Putin should be tried for war crimes.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy plans to address the U.N. body after it receives briefings from Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. U.N. officials are trying to arrange a cease-fire.

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