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Watch: NASA holds news conference after Artemis I mission to the moon scrubbed

NASA’s Artemis I mission, scheduled to launch Monday to take an Orion capsule with three test dummies to the moon and back, was scrubbed because of chronic fuel leaks and an engine problem during final preparations.

The next flight window from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center is Friday if NASA determines the rocket was ready. NASA officials were expected to hold a briefing on the path forward at around noon today.

“Safety is always first,” NASA tweeted. “Following today’s #Artemis I launch attempt, @NASAArtemis teams are working through an issue with engine number 3, and expect to give a news briefing later today.”

NASA struggled to fuel the rocket with nearly 1 million gallons of hydrogen and oxygen because of a leak of highly explosive hydrogen, a problem that also flared up during testing last spring.

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