Watch: Old video where panelist on Pakistani news channel was fantasising about Hindu genocide in Afghanistan after US exit goes viral – OpIndia

Taliban has managed to capture Afghanistan as the USA exits the country after 20 years of prolonged warfare. The collapse of the US-backed Afghan regime transpired at an unprecedented speed as Taliban took over the country within days after US intelligence agencies predicted it would take them 90 days to take the country.

Under such circumstances, an old video of a panel discussion on a Pakistani news channel is once again going viral on social media. In the video, Zaid Hamid, a Pakistani ‘intellectual’ can be seen spewing hatred against Hindus and calling for a genocide.

Pakistan’s plans for Hindus after US withdrawal from Afganistan. Live on Pak TV.

(ARY is 2nd largest News agency of Pak. ARY was also the official partner/distributer of Aamir Khan’s blockbuster movie PK in Pak)

— Pakistan Untold (@pakistan_untold) August 15, 2021

In the video, Zaid Hamid can be heard saying that he prays to Allah for US forces to exit leaving behind Indians in Afghanistan. He says that too long a time has passed since they have slaughtered Hindus in Afghanistan.

Zaid Ahmed says that it used to happen frequently in the past which is why the mountains of Afghanistan are called the Hindu Kush, that is, where Hindus have been slaughtered. He says that he hopes ‘Baniyas’ are abandoned in the country so that they can do to them what scares them into not even looking at Afghanistan and Pakistan for the next thousand years.

It is not clear when the video was precisely captured but there is a Reddit discussion on it from eight years ago. However, it is indeed shocking that such levels of genocidal discourse is permissible in Pakistan on prominent news channels.

Nevertheless, it is not surprising given the horrid persecution minorities in the country have to suffer every day. There are far too many instances of minor Hindu girls being abducted and married off to adult Muslim men after forced conversion to Islam. Only recently, an eight year old Hindu boy was charged under the blasphemy law, which can earn the accused the death penalty.

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